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Best High Quality Sound With High BASS Headphone Under ₹800

Motorola Pulse 2 SH005 Wired Headphone (Black)

Hi, I am going to share the best headphone.You can buy it for you or as a gift as well.Many Headphones available in the market but most of them could not satisfy us by their sound clarity and high bass.You can get this headphone under ₹800.I am personally using this headphone and my sister also.We both have a very good experience and we never looking for another headphone.

Customer Reviews:

Especially this headphone has best positive reviews and owns lots of hearts by its quality.The sound is truly clear and true bass give you hall experience.Customer experience will be increased when plugin with laptop or desktop.But I am suggested don’t connect with a desktop for the best experience.Don’t play high sound always because it can heart your ear.It’s clear sound and bass always bound to fall in love with this hall experience but don’t use with high sound.

Why should you not waste time and buy this?

Branded Quality: Well-known brand Motorolla last year has launched this headphone after launching version one headphone in previews year.Motorolla is a top level trustworthy brand in India.

Head cord: This is one of the best points I feel in this headphone. The cord can be unplugged from the main headphone.and it has 3.5 mm jack on both sides of the cord.One side has to plug into the headphone and another one is for a device like PC, laptop, gaming device, tablet, mobile, speaker.

Hi quality BASS: It’s high-quality bass will be fall in love with this device and you will never bored with this headphone.

Over the Year: When you running, jogging, jumping or in the gym you can use without worry about falling problem from the ear. Due to over the ear headphones are safe from fall down.

Mic: This headphone can be used for calling.During the call, you may disconnect call button on the cord with a small mike will help you to talk clearly.You may record your voice by this good quality mic

The length of Cord: Length of the cable/cord is not too long but it’s enough for a tall man like 6.5 feet height.It soft and strong built quality it makes powerful and usable for any time whenever you want.

Headphone Under ₹800: Under 800₹ no headphone comes with this quality and brand guaranty.

Folding Features: This headphone gives you best styles ever by its finishing on the edges of the plastic and feels smooth like a top brand as itself.Folding features can give you more style from other headphones available in the market.You can fold main speaker bass side and also move side by side (R – Move right side, L – move left side.).

Size Change: As a normal headphone it has this size changing features and its give you chance to use on others heads wit a good built quality and good control.

You can buy this headphone for your love and some children.Everyone can use this headphone with adequate sound level.

Lets Buy this headphone before others.Stocks will be over soon.Hurry….

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