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How to Unlock ALL 37 Achievements & Snapchat Trophies

Take your Snapchat account to the next level!

The Snapchat Trophies are meant to be kept secret and have never been confirmed by the app.

We have figured out the game and here are the most up to date trophies that you could possibly achieve.

You can post videos of up to 10 sec. To make more fun out of it, Snapchat has different types of emojis which include Snapchat trophies, friend emojis, Bitmojis, etc.

List of Snapchat Trophies

To create more fun out the same application, the developers have added: “Snapchat Trophy Case.” Which contains emojis for each achievement you reach snapchat. Foremost you need to learn how to access them.

You can get them by exploring snapchat more and more. As you’ll continue exploring, you’ll get opportunities to unlock and earn trophies. By the last update, that was released in December 15.

Working a lot like PlayStation trophies or Xbox Achievements, Snapchat trophies are handed out when users reach a number of milestones within the app.

37 Achievements & Snapchat Trophies

Why would you want every trophy? Bragging rights. That’s why.

  • Video tape emoji: Send a video
  • Movie camera emoji: Send 50 videos
  • Video camera emoji: Send 500 videos
  • Sun face emoji: Send a snap with the temperature filter above 100° F
  • Snowflake emoji: Send a snap with the temperature filter below freezing
  • Flashlight emoji: Send 10 snaps with the front-facing camera flash on
  • Ogre: Send 1,000 snaps using the front-facing camera
  • Loop once emoji: Flip the camera once in a video
  • Loop emoji: Flip the camera five times in one video
  • Rotate emoji: Flip the camera ten times in one video
  • Hear no evil monkey emoji: Send a video without audio
  • Magnifying glass emoji: Send ten pictures that are entirely zoomed in
  • Microscope emoji: Send ten videos using zoom
  • ABCD emoji: Send 100 snaps with large text
  • Panda emoji: Send 50 snaps with the black and white filter applied
  • Moon face emoji: Send 50 snaps using night mode
  • Frying pan emoji: Send a snap between 4 and 5am
  • Lollipop emoji: Send a snap using five or more pencil colours
  • Rainbow emoji: Send ten snaps using five or more pencil colours
  • Artist palette: Send 50 snaps using five or more pencil colours
  • Email emoji: Verify your email address in settings
  • Red telephone emoji: Verify your number in settings
  • Happy devil emoji: Screenshot a snap
  • Sad devil emoji: Screenshot 10 snaps
  • Red mask emoji: Screenshot 50 snaps
  • Radio emoji: Submit a snap to a live or local story
  • Clapperboard emoji: Submit 10 snaps to a live or local story
  • Fax machine emoji: Scan 5 Snapcodes
  • Index finger emoji: Send a snap with one filter applied
  • Peace sign/two fingers emoji: Send a snap with two filters applied
  • Baby emoji: Get your Snapchat score to 10
  • Gold star emoji: Get your Snapchat score to 100
  • Sparkles emoji: Get your Snapchat score to 1,000
  • Circled star emoji: Get your Snapchat score to 10,000
  • Explosion emoji: Get your Snapchat score to 50,000
  • Rocket emoji: Get your Snapchat score to 100,000
  • Ghost emoji: Get your Snapchat score to 500,000

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